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How to make a successful digital transition?

Cigref's point of view

Aiming to promote digital culture in companies, Cigref, a professional association created in 1970, has just published its third publication on the subject of the digital transition. Based on studies, reflections from working groups as well as external contributions, this new report highlights the main issues and challenges related to this transformation, which is more than vital for companies, while underlining the active role played by the ISD in supporting new processes and value creation.

Focus on 6 major issues and challenges identified :

1/ The imperative need for the company to reinvent its business model in a context of disruptive technological change and a market that increasingly tends towards collective interest and cooperation.


2/ The development of the management and analysis of the famous Big Data (see video of Emanuel Lecerf, Big Data specialist at IBM) to create new opportunities and foster customer relationships, all while establishing a climate of trust, a prerequisite for this digital culture.


3/ The development of a cooperative ecosystem based on dialogue between actors and partners and again on trust to strengthen competitiveness.


4/ A new conception of innovation by promoting multidisciplinarity and giving a positive impulse to skills.


5/ Investment in information system security, not only through technological tools but also and above all through training and awareness raising for internal staff and the involvement of senior management.


6/ The creation of a corporate culture conducive to the individual development of the workforce and in particular of this volatile, highly connected and collaborative generation Y.


The decisive role of ISD:

As the conductor of the IS evolution, the ISD is directly involved in the value chain of this digital transformation. In a context of a fluctuating economy and market globalization, driven by the increasing demands of customers, it is a strategic link that will create the link between business lines and top management, meet security and innovation requirements and enable the company to transform itself, adapt to its market and demonstrate agility.


"Are we in a position to take a lucid and enlightened look at the impact that these issues and challenges will have on our companies in 2020? "wonders Pascal Buffard, President of Cigref. In any case, Cigref's publication is there to put companies on the right track.


Happy reading to all!


The DataXcentric editorial team



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