How has storage revolutionized with SDS?

By Pierre-Jean Bochard, Product Manager for Hardware and Software Defined Storage - IBM Systems


To cope with the technological revolution with application platforms that must integrate, process and store more and more data in real time, storage has had to evolve, particularly with SDS. Agile, reliable, high-performance and cost-effective, SDS is intelligent storage that allows companies and their infrastructure to evolve according to their needs.


The SDS is a software layer that provides a special link between these new application platforms and traditional storage. The SDS is ultimately the intelligence of the storage infrastructure. There will always be a layer of equipment virtualisation that will remain necessary, and this virtualisation brings independence from the technical evolutions of the infrastructure underneath and especially from the efficiency, the efficiency that will be required for a better administration, to optimise investments.


The SDS must therefore be agile, secure, scalable and fit into a well-controlled budget context, while ensuring high performance.


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