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These companies that are revolutionizing cyber security

Cyber attacks have never been as common and powerful as they are today. It is now important for businesses and individuals to have the best cyber protection solutions.

Ever more powerful technologies designed by renowned experts to best respond to threats. Who are these companies that are revolutionizing cybersecurity? DataXcentric invites you to find out.


Crowdstrike was founded in 2011 by George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch. It is the leader in terms of protection from the cloud. Using artificial intelligence, this solution offers high performance protection and prevents attacks on or off the network. All with instant visibility.

Its antivirus is on the hunt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its architecture has been designed to offer a simple, easy-to-use and fast solution. Its power is related to its ability to analyze more than 100 billion security events per day. Thus, Crowdstrike is able to prevent against any type of cyber attack.


This company was founded by a team of former IDF (Foreign Direct Investment) agents. Cymulate is a SaaS cyber-attack simulation entity that provides comprehensive and easy solutions to protect corporate IT systems.

Cymulate, as its name suggests, simulates attacks to assess whether the company is prepared to respond. This helps to identify weak points and to provide maximum security for its customers. The company imitates the latest and most sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Forcepoint was launched in 1994 as NetPartners, a computer reseller. The company has been owned by Raytheon and private equity firm Vista Equity Partners since 2006.

Its solution prevents employees from viewing inappropriate, malicious content and from disclosing confidential information.


The company was founded by Gary Hendrix in 1982 and is now the world leader in cyber security. It works with individuals, companies and governments.

Many professionals around the world rely on Symantec for strategic and integrated solutions to defend against the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Norton, for example, is one of the solutions offered by Symantec, which is used by more than 50 million people around the world.

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Zscaler brings its solution to government and military organizations, but also to individuals with over 15 million users. Its tool is a SaaS, a 100% cloud software suite.

It allows you to benefit from a very advanced internet security. Indeed, it fights against advanced persistent threats, data loss, SSL inspection, etc.

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