What should you think about when you want to implement RV in your facility?

First of all, the problem should be taken in reverse. It would be rather, how to use the RV in order to integrate it in the best possible way in the functioning of our establishment.


We must ask ourselves two fundamental questions: what are the problems of my institution, my services, my staff or my patients? Which of these problems can be solved through RV? And at this point, we can start thinking about how we want to use RV.


Basically, before deploying a device, you're gonna have to..:


  • Validate with the medical profession the scope of our device (who we want to touch and how?).
  • Check if the contents are adapted to the target to have them validated again.
  • Then, select the equipment and have it validated by the medical profession: take into account the health risks, the position of the patients as well as the place of distribution (operating theatre, bedside etc...).


In this area, we have no right to make mistakes, so we must be extremely vigilant and rely as much as possible on the medical profession.

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