How do travelling health professionals meet the challenge of mobility?

First of all, it is not so much a challenge as a necessity. Moreover, this e-health is eagerly awaited. Today, tools such as paper or pencil allow the retrieval of vital clinical information that is necessary for the laboratory to be able to edit a reliable report.


However, more than 95% of liberal nurses are equipped with a smartphone. Thanks to e-health, all information is digitized and sent directly to the laboratory's computer system as a connected prescription, thus avoiding double entry and manual transcription which can be a very important source of error.


The Saas mode contributes enormously to the success of e-health. Thanks to the costs (file and consumption) the health professional will be able to pay only what he consumes. In other words, if he does not use e-health, he does not pay for it. It is therefore a source of profit.


Finally, a sustainable start-up must know how to develop useful solutions, since it is the users who will decide whether the product survives or not, and therefore the start-up that designed it.

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