What are the future developments in teleconsultation?

First of all, François Lescure shares his point of view and thinks that the role of the doctor will change just like that of the pharmacist. This would be due to the fact that we will be confronted with data that will have to be analyzed. This data will work on the first problem, i.e. prevention.


This prevention can result in many sensors. These can, for example, tell us:


  • Beware, you have too much sugar in your blood and for this reason insulin is re-injected.
  • Or beware, we have seen such and such a "cancerous" cell wandering around and so we have to look for a tumor...

The evolution of teleconsultation represents a first step in the evolution of medicine as a whole, which will be more in the area of prevention. Systematic integration into care pathways is obvious from a medical point of view (faster and more comprehensive care), from an economic point of view (avoidance of emergencies, cross-contamination, improved quality of care, particularly for patient follow-up), and from a social point of view (easier access to care).


According to François Lescure, the term "patient" will disappear since there will be no more patients. We will be carriers of chronicity. The idea is therefore that all the technologies we use today (such as teleconsultation or telemedicine) allow us to anticipate the problems encountered and therefore to repair them quickly.

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