What benefits can health professionals derive from RV?

RV is increasingly used in health care. Depending on its use, it will bring different benefits to both health professionals and patients. For the moment, the use of RV can be summarized in three main purposes:


  • Relieve the patient and help the doctor ( Leisure and Process )
  • Train and assist learning
  • Communicating about illness / disability


For example, to relieve the patient, there is an RV company that uses hypnosis through the proposed experiments. Moreover, we are working on our side to use RV during local operations in order to tranquilize the patient and facilitate the doctor's work. RV is also used in the treatment of phobias.


There is a more leisurely use of RV within the hospital, but it also helps to relieve patients or at least improve their stay. For example, with the Necker hospital, we organise broadcasts via virtual headphones at the bedside of hospitalised children so that they can, for a moment, escape from their everyday life thanks to RV.


In terms of training and learning support, the RV is a great tool. We are thinking with the CHU of Lille on the creation of RV training modules to allow medical students to experiment specific situations with patients and thus enable them to better react when the situation arises in reality. In the context of research, there is now the possibility of manipulating molecules in RV in order to multiply tests without making the slightest mistake.


Finally, RV allows to communicate about diseases or disability through immersive experiences. For example, there is the "Notes On Blindness" experience which immerses the user in an experience dealing with blindness; we are also working on the creation of a fiction dealing with schizophrenia. There are other uses and there are more to come!

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